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Uncategorized | Margaret Cosper - Portraits and Fine Art - Fort Collins, CO

The Spell of Still Life

On 12, May 2013 | No Comments | In Art Inspiration | By Margaret Cosper

Still life continues to be an important vehicle of expression – artistic skill and fantasy are tantamount to its success.

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The Iconic Streets of Downtown Hinsdale, IL

Looking SW from the corner of Hinsdale Ave & Washington St, the picturesque village of Hinsdale mirrors the extraordinary populace it represents.

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Hello Community!

On 01, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By Margaret Cosper

Welcome to my website. I plan on using the blog feature of this site for discussing my latest projects, art philosophy and to share anything of inspiration.

Art has been a main thread throughout my life — weaving through over 35 years of development of my personal dimension of oil painting – especially in the painting of people and landscapes.

My love of portraiture and interest in people is reflected in a classic yet simple style. My objective is to capture the true personalities of the subjects, invoking a feeling that can be experienced each time the artwork is viewed. Each assignment is an opportunity to create artwork, and to create images that enrich subject’s lives. These representations provide many years of enjoyment.