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About the Artist

margaret cosper

Hinsdale portrait artist Margaret Cosper

A Little Bit About Margaret Cosper

Margaret was born and raised in Chicago and has been a resident of Hinsdale, IL for 30 years. Painting and sketching throughout her life, Margaret studied fine art at St. Mary’s Notre Dame and the American Academy of Art in Chicago.

Her art is mainly focused on oil painting, but takes on many forms, including illustration, watercolor and mixed media. Much of her work focuses on portraits and natural landscapes. She finds painting to be the most concise form of communication and the human form a rich arena in which to explore and express emotion, intention, and challenge.

Margaret has produced fine art for over 35 years. Her work is her own realistic interpretation of nature and life around us. She also enjoys capturing the essence of family and friends. At times her resulting paintings are painterly, at other times striving for realism. Her love of portraiture and interest in people is reflected in her classic yet simple style. Her objective is to capture the true personalities of her subjects, invoking a feeling that can be experienced each time her work is viewed.

The majority of her commission work stems from incorporating many photos into the same scene. Her paintings are built up piece by piece, seeking compositional and conceptual resonance. Additively and subtractively, alternate descriptions are explored through the medium. Manifestations of human presences emerge; fragments of the many moments which build a painting. Through visual search, variety of application surpasses the objects as symbols and leaves them as temporal evidence.

Featured Hinsdale art (click here for work samples).




– Over 35 years experience as a portrait artist.

– Studied at St. Mary’s Notre Dame and the American Academy of Art in Chicago.

– Since 2009, she has been a featured artist at the Hinsdale Art Gallery.



“We are so glad we chose Margaret”

The portrait experience with Margaret was wonderful — we were pleased on so many fronts. She painted all three of our girls, one at age ten and the others at age seven and six. We commissioned her through a referral from a family friend. Margaret worked off of several photos we supplied of the girls and we ended up with beautiful portraits that reflect their personalities. Now that we have all three of our girls’ portraits hanging side by side, and walk past them everyday, we are so glad we chose Margaret.

Our portraits are our most cherished possessions! If I could offer anything to your clients, it would be to not wait too long, for you will never be able to capture that moment in time again.

-Allison and James Hinsdale IL residents