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Family Portraits

Commissioning a Portrait

With most of my oil portraits I work from my own digital photographs. With every portrait I strive to create a unique and timeless work of art, and to make the process enjoyable and rewarding for everyone involved. The first meeting with my client involves a discussion of the overall feeling of the portrait, how best to convey the subject and their personality, and considerations of setting, size, lighting, and clothing choices.

Once the portrait is finished, local clients can see the finished portrait in person by visiting my studio or I will deliver the painting myself.

Fine Art of Hinsdale Downtown Hinsdale Downtown Hinsdale Library View

On 11, May 2013 | No Comments | In | By Margaret Cosper

Fine Art of Hinsdale

Beautiful and historic Hinsdale.

Landscapes: Fields of Flowers Oil Painting Field of Flowers

On 10, May 2013 | In | By Margaret Cosper

Landscapes: Fields of Flowers

Landscape painting depicts the physical world that surrounds us and could includes features such as countryside, mountains, valleys, and bodies of water. The sky is another important element shaping the mood of landscape paintings. Landscape art ranges from highly detailed and realistic to impressionistic, romantic and idealized. While oil landscape painting predominates, acrylic, and even mixed media are also available.